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Runtime: 40 min, HD, production year: 2015

Storyline: The documentary continues to follow the integration of the Toldi family in Malta, who emigrated from Serbia about a year ago. We learnt a lot about integration to school, learning the language, taking part in cultural life, getting to know new friends, colleagues. We can integrate only if we try to blend in and make friends and get to know people who show us their traditions-culture, which helps us to get to know the country we chose. Sooner or later we will get accepted and we will be trusted. This is what the documentary investigates, these are the questions it tries to answer. cast: Klára Mihályi, Attila Toldi, Csenge Toldi, Réka Toldi music: Zsolt Gulyás rework coordinator: Ferenc Szohár
translator: Tamara Ivan
cinematography: Zoltán Csubrilo
production manager: Ferenc Szohár
producer: Attila Iván
director, editing: Zoltán Csubrilo
producer: Cinemart Ltd.


financed by: Hungarian Academy of Arts

"The colour of half-shadow"

Runtime: 33 perc, HD, production year: 2015.

Rövid tartalom:
In this film, we wished to paint the portrait of Laura Peity Sagmeister, the painter, for her pictures are not only kept in evidence among the original values of our immediate surroundings, but they cannot be evaded in the context of contemporary European culture either. In the film, we laid emphasis on what our character can deposit in the extensive archives of the fine arts. Perhaps, that is why we found it exciting to answer what inspires our artist. While working, Laura tells us with unprecedented empathy about the methods she uses and the different experience, as if hidden things, through which a picture becomes the picture. How well she can do this is already proved.
In order to ramble over Laura’s spaces, just like observing nature, one needs a sea of peace and at the same time an intensified inner glow. We must slide smoothly and noiselessly from etchings to paintings. With our cameras, we follow the strokes of the brush and suddenly, out of the denseness of rich drawings flashes something which encloses and permeates us. Director: Fejős Csilla
Script: Fejős Csilla
Cameraman: Iván Attila
Film-editor:  Iván Attila
Translator: Almási Csilla
Music: www.bensound.com
Cast: Sagmeister Péity Laura

financed by:  The Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information